Safari Club International LA

Golden Opportunity Deer Tag

Current Bid  $18,500.00

Dear Members and Friends,

The Los Angeles Chapter of Safari Club International (SCILA) applied for and has been awarded one Golden Opportunity Deer, Fund-raising License Tag by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) for the 2021 California deer hunting season.

The CDFW is authorized by the Fish and Game Code Section 1054.8 to award big game tags for fundraising purposes. All revenue from big game tags sold for fundraising purposes must be deposited to the State Treasury in the Fish and Game Preservation Fund, Big Game Management Account (Fish and Game Code Section 3953[b]).

Simply stated, the revenue generated by the sale of this tag will go towards the management and conservation of wildlife in the state of California which aligns with SCI’s mission to protect the freedom to hunt and to promote wildlife conservation worldwide.

The fund-raising license tag is subject to all existing conditions required to obtain a California resident or nonresident hunting license and license tag and for the take of deer, including any required hunter orientation program identified in Title 14, California Code of Regulations, and that the fund-raising license tag is nontransferable and may be used only by the successful bidder or purchaser designated at the purchase time.

Any resident or nonresident is eligible to purchase a fund-raising license tag. The sale price of a fund-raising license tag includes the fees for deer tag applications and for processing and issuing a hunting license. The purchasers shall be issued a hunting license and fund-raising license tags only after meeting the hunter education requirements for a hunting license.
(1) Golden Opportunity Tag.

(A) Area: Golden Opportunity tags shall be valid statewide.

(B) Season: Golden Opportunity tags shall be valid beginning on the second Saturday in July and extend through December 31.

(C) Bag and Possession Limit: One buck, forked horn (see subsection 351(a)) or better, per tag.

(D) Number of Tags (issued statewide): 5.

(E) Special Conditions:

       1. The holder of a Golden Opportunity tag may take deer using methods authorized in sections 353 and 354. (Firearms with non-lead ammunition and archery / crossbow equipment.)

       2. Fund-raising license tag holders who receive a deer tag pursuant to Sections 708.1 through 708.3 shall be allowed to exchange that tag under the provisions of subsection 708.4. Tag holders shall not be entitled to obtain more than two (2) deer tags as described in subsection 708.1(a)(1).

       3. Tag holders shall report to the Assistant Chief, Law Enforcement Division at the appropriate Department of Fish and Game Regional Headquarters prior to hunting as to the time and area they intend to hunt.

In lieu of SCILA’s ability to hold a large in person gathering, i.e. our annual Festival of the Hunt fundraiser, originally scheduled for Saturday April 17, 2021, due to the current, regional health department restrictions, we will conduct the sale of this Golden Opportunity Deer tag by remote, electronic silent auction. The bids shall be made via email to and must include bidders contact information: name, mailing address, email address and phone number.

Bids must be a minimum of $15,000 USD with $500 minimum increments. All bids are blind but to the administrators of the auction. Bidders and administrators shall not inquire and / or share with any potential bidders the current bid price at any time. The current bid will be posted on the website on a weekly basis.

Accepted methods of payment: cashier’s check or wire transfer

The auction will close on Friday April 30th at 6:00pm

Good luck and thank you!

Dave Costarella
President of the Los Angeles Chapter of Safari Club International