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SCI Mission

SCI code of ethics

2017 - 2018 officers- Los Angeles Chapter
President - Bob Motheral
Vice President - Fred Spohr
Treasurer - Johnny Dabbaghian
Secretary - Daniel Kenney
Chapter Liaison - Dave Costarella

2017 - 2018 Board of Directors - Los Angeles Chapter
Joe Knight Jr.
Bernie Mizrahi
Daniel Kenney
Fred Spohr
Joe Knight
Ron Camp
Sam Laporte
Johnny Dabbaghian
Rick Dubin
Dave Compton
Zeev Lavie
Norma Lavie
Jim Merzwaik
Susan Hayes

Immediate Past President - Los Angeles Chapter
Fred Spohr

Past Presidents - Los Angeles Chapter
Lee Branch
Jack O'Neil
David Compton
Jim Perkins
Frank Flynn
Ben Robson
Dale Giese
Earl Salter
Bernie Mizrahi
William Sherman
Ron Mizrahi
LeRoy Trnavsky
Johnny Dabbaghian
Daniel Kenney

Committee Chairpersons - Los Angeles Chapter
Membership - Bural LaRue
Fundraising - Daniel Kenney
Special Events - Jim Merzwaik
Publication - David Compton
Communications - Joe Knight Jr.
Governmental Affairs - Susan Hayes